Inclusive Christianity

 LINKS  The Center For Progressive Christianity - The self described mission of the The Center For Progressive Christianity is:

  • To reach out to those for whom organized religion has proved ineffectual, irrelevent, or repressive, as well as to those who have given up on or are unacquainted with it.
  • To uphold evangelism as an agent of justice and peace.
  • To give a strong voice both in the churches and the public arena to the advocates of progressive Chrisitianity
  • To support those who embrace the search, not certainty.  The Center for Action and Contemplation - Founded by Franciscan Father Richard Rohr, internationally renowned speaker, author, and teacher.

"Envisioned as a faith alternative to the dominant consciousness, offering hope, inspiration, and challenge to a despairing world, the CAC today attracts people from around the world-those who seek peaceful, positive alternatives and solutions to the difficult challenges of our often materialistic, irrational and violent world.  These people share the CAC vision and understand the constructive message of the Gospel that crosses boundaries of religion, ethnicity, social class and gender." (reprinted from CAC website)   Sojourners - An organization dedicated to faith, politics, and culture.  " Our mission is to articulate the biblical call to social justice, inspiring hope and building a movement to transform individuals, communities, the church, and the world."  Publishes Sojourners magazine.

Auburn  Auburn seminary- Equips bold and resilient leaders with the tools and resources needed for a multifaith world

                    Auburn Voices - Auburn voices is a media platform for the multifaith movement for social justice